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Birthday DesignsHere you will find designs perfect for birthday gifts both funny and cute. The ideal gift for the Birthday Boy or Girl.

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June Girl
May Girl
Built in the customisable
Looks feels acts
Built in the fifties
Made in (Customisable)
Life Begins
In dog years I'm dead
Copyright Birthdate
Birthday Football
Birthday Girl Flower
Birthday Boy Wonka
I will be 29 until further notice
Its ok to stare, I cant believe I'm this old
I will be 18 until further notice
I will be 25 until further notice
Birthday Girl Stars
Birthday Girl Jigsaw
Birthday Girl Funky
I will be 40 until further notice
Birthday Girl In Flower
Birthday Girl Fire
Birthday Girl Funky
Birthday Girl Cow Girl
Birthday Girl Cow Print
Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl Bones
Birthday Girl Bambino
Birthday Girl Balloon
Birthday Girl Army
Birthday Girl All Star
Birthday Boy Stencil
Birthday Boy Jigsaw
Birthday Boy Funky
Birthday Boy Flies
Birthday Boy Fire
Birthday Boy Cowboy
Birthday Boy Cow Print
Birthday Boy Computer
Birthday Boy
Birthday Boy Bones
Birthday Boy Balloons
Birthday Boy Army
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50 Isn't old if you're a tree!
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In Dog Years Im Dead