Campaigns allow you to set up a short term website that you can sell t-shirts or other products to people you share it with. It is only one page and it very simple to set up. It is available for a set period of time with a maximum of a 21 days. It is fully hosted and you don't need to get a domain name or get hosting!

You choose your product, add your design, decide how many you want to sell, choose your selling price and share it on social media or on your website. We take our cost for producing the t-shirt and you get all the profits! The products only go into production when the goal number of sales has been reached. The payments are then authorised from your customers. All this is free!! There are no costs to you. If your goal is not reached no t-shirts are made and no money is collected. Don't worry you can sell more than your goal though!

You don't have to buy the t-shirts up front and as nothing is made until the goal is reached there is no risk! No boxes of unwanted sizes!

No Risk So Why Not!

Choose Your Product

Add Your Design

Set A Goal

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Share With Friends and Family

Campaigns Are Great For:  Teams, Groups, Charities, Fundraising, Clubs, Hen and Stag, Making some extra money!

Campaigns can be very useful for teams, clubs and groups in a couple of ways. First you can use it when you are getting team/group gear. You can upload the design and send the link to your team/group and they can order their own! No more chasing people for sizes or annoying people to get money collected. No more responsibility! It is then the responsibility of each individual to get their own.

The second way they can be used is to produce a supporter t-shirt/hoodie/jacket design and share the link with your supporters allowing them to support your cause by buying your design.

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